chapter  Chapter 21
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Sampling Arthropod Pests of Wheat and Rice

WithNorman C. Elliott, Gary L. Hein, B. Merle Shepard

While numerous arthropod species have been recorded as pests of wheat and rice, a thorough discussion of sampling methods for all known pests of these crops worldwide is impractical in a single chapter. Literature relating to population distribution or sampling methods is also cited for these pests on wheat, rice, or related crops. This chapter provides an overview of methods commonly used for sampling pest and beneficial arthropods in wheat and rice and outlines representative sampling programs. It is sometimes possible to develop mathematical models for converting estimates of relative population density obtained from sweepnet sampling or trapping of rice or wheat arthropods to estimates of absolute population density. Sampling based on incidence counts of a specified number of individuals is an important method for sampling arthropod pests in wheat and rice. Increased emphasis should be given to developing sampling plans for important natural enemies, or complexes of natural enemies, of wheat and rice pests.