chapter  Chapter 22
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Training Specialists in Sampling Procedures

WithGerrit W. Cuperus, Richard C. Berberet

This chapter deals with the overall goal of maintaining profitable production through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and stresses implementation of statistically valid sampling protocols as an essential component of effective benefit/cost considerations. It examines ways to improve efficiency and acceptance of sampling and decision-making protocols. The chapter also examines barriers to adoption of protocols, and discusses how these barriers are being overcome using examples in alfalfa and stored grain systems. It emphasizes imparting some basic principles of sampling when developing and delivering training programs. Although various definitions have been proposed for IPM, the common theme is for consolidation into “a unified program to manage pest populations so that economic damage is avoided and adverse side effects on the environment are minimized.” Effective communication and cooperation among researchers, extension specialists, and consultants is essential to the task of information transfer and implementation.