chapter  Chapter I
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History of Early Colonization

WithCol. S. B. Miles

The history of the ancient colonization of Oman in Eastern Arabia is connected closely with that of the rest of the peninsula, but the subject is so veiled in obscurity, from the absence of materials, that our knowledge of it is shadowy and fragmentary in the extreme. The earliest inhabitants known to the genealogists are denominated by them as the Al-Ariba, who are also called the extinct tribes. Besides the extinct tribes which existed in Oman in ancient times, there were, of course, many famous ones that helped to people the country, and whose descendants, mostly of mingled blood, were subsequently divided into branches under other names, and it may be as well to mention a few of these once renowned tribes whose history is hidden in the mists of tradition. In the beginning of the fifth century further contingents of Adnani tribes, numbering 30,000, poured down into Oman, but many of them pushed on to Hadhramaut and settled there.