chapter  Chapter IV
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The Yaareba Dynasty

WithCol. S. B. Miles

In Muscat affairs, one finds that the vigorous sway of the Imam Nasir had been so beneficial to the country in restoring order and extending its power, that the continuance of the Yaareba Dynasty was fully assured, and universally accepted without hesitation, opposition or dispute. For some years the war between the rivals continued, but the hostilities were chiefly local and of a minor character. During this interval, Belarab was undoubtedly recognized as the true ruler, and exercised supreme power throughout the interior, but it is equally certain that the Yaareba influence and power were rapidly waning. The death of Belarab was a blow from which the Yaareba never recovered. The deposed Imam Saif bin Sultan‘s two sons and his surviving brother Majid remained in seclusion, and the only member of the Yaareba family who endeavoured to oppose him and subvert the authority of Ahmed bin Saeed was Mohammed bin Suliman.