chapter  Chapter V
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The Al-Bu Saeedi Dynasty

WithCol. S.B. Miles

With the fall of the Yaareba Dynasty the policy of adventure, or predatory exploits, which had distinguished them during their rule, fell also, and with the rise of the Al-Bu Saeedis the people of Oman returned under the wise guidance of Ahmed bin Saeed to the more simple and legitimate ways of commercial intercourse with other nations. Though Sultan’s tribe, the Al-Bu Saeedi, was the Yemen or Hinawi faction, Sultan himself always mainly relied upon, and had been supported by, the Nizar or Ghafiri faction, his mother being a relation of Mohammed Nasir al-Jabry, who was one of the most prominent leaders of the Ghafiris. In 1838 the mind of the Indian Government was greatly exercised at the siege of Herat by the Persians, under the instigation of Count Simonovich, the Russian Envoy, and Lord Auckland ordered the Bombay Government to despatch a force to the Persian Gulf to make a counter demonstration.