chapter  Chapter II
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History of the Commerce of the Persian Gulf.

WithCol. S.B. Miles

The history of the early colonization of Eastern Arabia and the trading intercourse of the people with foreign nations is plunged in obscurity, and our ideas concerning them must be necessarily based on conjecture and inference. The great feat of supplying the first link of commerce between the East and West was the work of Cushites or Omani Arabs of that period. The names are identical, having same spelling in Arabic, and the position of each on rock is similar. From the Gulf the Phoenicians moved westwards towards the Mediterranean, where they are found at the dawn of authentic history. The plunder of the rich and magnificent cities enriched the Arabs beyond their most avaricious dreams and opened their eyes to extent, variety, and costliness of Persian Gulf trade with India. By this the Persian Gulf thus became the seat of a great maritime commerce, and as the Khalif now held all the highways of Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia, etc.,.