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History and Geography of Dhofar. Dhofar and Beraimi Described.

WithCol. S.B. Miles

The little district of Dhofar possesses many claims to engage our attention, and though its ancient history and tradition have passed away for ever, some interest attaches to it from the allusion to it in scripture as the eastern limit of the Joltanite race. Marco Polo’s account shows very clearly that Dhofar was at this time a very thriving and populous trading centre and that frankincense, the chief product of the place, was largely exported. One of the earliest trips made by into the interior of Oman was undertaken with the view of visiting Al-Beraimi, a frontier town, which had formerly been for many years the headquarters of the Wahabee force sent from Nejd to invade and conquer Oman. Accompanied by Shaikh Rashid bin Hamed, who had formerly been for some time Governor of Al-Beraimi, and who had been selected as guide and escort by Seyyid Bedr.