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The Political History of The Devil, as Well Ancient as Modern: in Two Parts

Part I
WithW. R. Owens, P. N. Furbank, John Mullan

Children and old women have told themselves so many frightful things of the Devil, and have formed ideas of him in their minds, in so many horrible and monstrous shapes, that really it were enough to fright the Devil himself, to meet himself in the dark, dressed up in the several figures which imagination has formed for him in the minds of men; and as for themselves. The influence the Devil has in the Politics of mankind, is another special part of his history, and would require, if it were possible, a very exact description. Some are of opinion that the Devil is not restrained so much by the superior Power of his Sovereign and Maker; but that all his milder measures with Man are the effect of a political scheme, and done upon mature deliberation.