chapter  Chapter XIV
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ByRobert E. Wright, Richard Sylla

The issue of bank notes has been shown to affect the quality of a country’s money, and discount banking its quantity. The number and value of cheques used at any time will obviously be affected by the state of the wholesale trade of the country published weekly, may be expected to afford some insight into the condition of industry. The indirect influence of cheques in lessening the money of a country is very great; greater, probably, than the direct. Any one taking a cheque in payment trusts in the first place the drawer, and the banker on whom it is drawn; whereas, those who accept bank-notes trust only the banker. A further question as to genuineness of signature may arise, when a cheque is taken from another than the drawer. Lacking the qualification of inducing holders to retain them on an average at least overnight, cheques are evidently incapacitated for performing a highly important part of the function of money.