chapter  Chapter I
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Modern Production

ByRobert E. Wright, Richard Sylla

Husbandry is carried on not in the vicinity of every house or village, but in districts remote from the persons who are to enjoy its products. Spinners have banished their fair rivals of the household, and the weavers of Manchester and other places have relieved the wife of a duty shown by the name to have been recognised at one period as peculiarly her own. Several of the groups engaged in production, merchants, dealers, and shopkeepers, make no alteration in the nature or form of the goods they deal in, but pass them forward precisely as when they came to hand. The mainspring of the industrial mechanism is the ‘desire for wealth,’ or, as it is usually put, the wish to make money.’ The merchant has only to buy and sell judiciously to benefit the community of which he is a portion; the shopkeeper need merely serve his locality properly, to render good service.