chapter  Chapter V
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Modern Influences upon the Markets

ByRobert E. Wright, Richard Sylla

All the markets of the world are regulated to a greater nicety as regards value since the more complete development of railroads and of the telegraph system. The nature of the system which is growing up under the new order of things will preclude from serious competition any but those who can afford from the commencement to start upon somewhat the same principles of action as those who already carry on and regulate the trade of the world. A hunger crisis arises from a scarcity of bread, and a monetary crisis from a scarcity of money, or what represents it perhaps too largely at some centres, credit. Money is as much a necessity as bread in the world. Indeed, it is of more; for bread alone carries a man a very little way, according to modern notions, whereas money is the lever that lifts every obstacle ‘from the path.