chapter  Chapter VI
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Cacoethes Operandi

ByRobert E. Wright, Richard Sylla

The bane of nearly all speculators of, the soft-grained type—by which we mean men whose, will and judgment bends this way and that, like a reed that nods allegiance to any quarter of the world according to the blow of the wind—is, that they are for ever on the itch to do something. Of all occupations Stock Exchange Speculation is the last to be thought of as an amusement for the man who wishes for some light kind of business that can be done wi h an off-hand air and without any of the drudgery that is the real power in money-making. Supposing, the hypothetical speculator, instead of acting upon the impression made on his mind, by superficial influences, were to start for Spain and take the trouble to get behind the stock, so to speak.