chapter  Chapter VII
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The Pit-Falls

ByRobert E. Wright, Richard Sylla

There are perhaps very few speculators of the haphazard type who take the trouble to find out the extent and power of hidden forces that are arrayed against them in the markets, Every stock, it should be remembered, has either a small or large market to itself. A speculator who consults a not over-scrupulous broker as to the best thing to buy for the rise, runs the risk of taking some stock off broker’s hands that he is desirous to get rid of. The broker may have just put some other clients into a certain stock, and with a view to his own advantage, by helping to make money for them, he will lean probably to some extent in the direction of advising others to purchase the same stock. The more organized methods of speculation which prevail in these times, cause the public to be mulcted of their money in a much more wholesale manner than was the case formerly.