chapter  8
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A Strategy for Integrated Arab Industrial Development

ByElias T. Ghantus

This chapter focuses on the elements which are deemed central in the framing of a strategy for an integrated industrial development in the Arab region. It looks briefly at how industrial integration has been contemplated on the Arab multilateral level. The objectives of an industrial development centre are to promote Arab industrial co-operation and integration, to conduct techno-economic feasibility studies which would promote industrial development and optimise the use of resources, to enhance efforts directed towards raising productivity and developing skills, and to promote the exchange of industrial information among the Arab countries. Moreover, the development of the fertiliser industry is of regional interest as the agricultural potential lies in some of the Arab countries, and there is generally a growing need to attain a degree of self-sufficiency in food. The identification of the appropriate industrial projects for each Arab country is, therefore, a necessary step in the process of allocating the industrial package.