chapter  13
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The Kingdom of Morocco

ByJ.S. Birks, C.A. Sinclair

Morocco is a poor country located at the periphery of the Maghreb and the Arab world. The departure of the French in 1956 did not alter Morocco’s reliance on Europe and France, to which the country is orientated rather than to the Arab world. The inheritance of the colonial period in Morocco is clearly expressed in the country’s dualistic economy. Twenty years after independence, the urban service sector and modern agricultural enterprises established by the colonists still contrast sharply with the generally traditional form of agriculture. In broad terms, Morocco’s unemployed and underemployed are an inevitable result of a large population and a relatively small economic base. Meanwhile avenues of worker migration are foreclosing; Morocco is being thrown ever more completely on her own resources. Although Morocco’s problems are not as advanced as those of Egypt’s, they are in nature similar, and potentially of the same scale.