chapter  3
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The State of Qatar

ByJ.S. Birks, C.A. Sinclair

Economic and social development in Qatar has been particularly rapid, and the development plan is ambitious. The non-national community in Qatar is of relatively short duration, and is politically articulate. The proportion of Arabs in the expatriate community in Qatar is lower than in Kuwait; the limited interest of the majority of migrants, who are non-Arab, in matters outside their work is in contrast with the ambitions of migrants in Kuwait. The state of Qatar, which lies 350 miles to the south of Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf, is a peninsula which projects northwards for about 100 miles with a width of approximately 55 miles. The education and training of indigenes have become of even greater significance to the government as the demands placed on the national work-force grow. Qatar’s problems in this field resemble closely those of Kuwait’s. Qatar has become rapidly affluent on account of oil and natural gas exports.