chapter  Chapter 9
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A Storm Gathers

1821 – 1829
ByRuth Michaelis-Jena

Scholarly success did not mean recognition of the brothers by their princely employer. It was also thought desirable to have a copy made of the library catalogue, and Jacob and Wilhelm with their old colleague, Volkel, after unavailing protests, spent some eighteen months on what they considered unnecessary drudgery. At Schonfeld they met on an equal footing the more liberal members of the Hessian gentry and haute bourgeoisie, writers and artists, and in 1820 Wilhelm had become tutor in history to the Hereditary Prince, Frederick William. In December 1821 the Grimms were much disturbed by the Elector suddenly having notice served on them to leave their house at the Wilhelmshoher Tor within two weeks. At Christmas 1820 Jacob had given his brothers and sister an album which carried in print all important family dates. Wilhelm was busy gathering material for what was to become one of his most important works, Die deutsche Heldensage, the German heroic epics.