chapter  Chapter 11
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The Göttingen Seven

1857 – 1838
ByRuth Michaelis-Jena

After seven years of slow adaptation, Göttingen seemed more like home to Jacob and Wilhelm. It was satisfaction to see the appearance of the third edition of the Household Tales, a book on which much of their reputation with the general public rested. Jacob was completing the fourth and final part of his grammar, comparing himself, in the introduction, to a man making his way home after a day’s hard walk. In September 1837, Göttingen University, the Georgia Augusta, celebrated its centenary. The observant painter of so many portraits had perhaps sensed in the king’s face traces of that harshness of character he was soon to display. Göttingen began to take notice. Citizens feared that the reputation of their university as a liberal institution was in danger, and the majority of students were in sympathy with ‘The Seven’. Strangely enough, in most German states the sale of Jacob’s pamphlet was not forbidden.