chapter  Chapter 2
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Schooldays in Cassel: Students at Marburg University

1798 – 1805
ByRuth Michaelis-Jena

At the end of September 1798 Jacob and Wilhelm took a sad farewell from their family and the loved home of their childhood. Jacob and Wilhelm, united in everything, were very different in appearance: Jacob small, slender and nimble, with a finely cut face, curly hair and keen penetrating eyes, Wilhelm taller, with a round, softer face, his eyes large and sensitive. The Lyceum Fridericianum in Cassel had seven classes. The four upper served to prepare for the university while pupils of the three lower ones did not aim at further academic studies. Through inborn gifts and diligent application Jacob and Wilhelm soon moved to the top of their classes. Jacob and Wilhelm were given no academic endowments or scholarships. In the summer of 1804 Savigny decided to go to Paris for further research on a proposed History of Law of the Middle Ages.