chapter  Chapter 5
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Westphalian Friendships: The Fairytale-Wife

ByRuth Michaelis-Jena

Werner unfortunately was by this time on his way to Sweden, where he was to seek refuge. From Höxter Wilhelm hired a carriage to convey him the short distance to Bökendorf. Apart from their common interest in songs, legends and tales, Jenny and Wilhelm shared a love of nature, particularly flowers and birds. Jacob and Ludwig, too, became very friendly with the Westphalian circle, a friendship which was to last for some fifty years. Meantime the search for tales for a second volume continued, involving more and more friends. Frau Viehmann told the brothers some twenty new tales, and a good few variants of others. Wilhelm refers once more to their belief in the great ancientness of the tales, living remains of much older myths. Reimer was willing to publish the second volume, and the manuscript was sent off to Berlin.