chapter  Chapter 7
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The Congress of Vienna

ByRuth Michaelis-Jena

Napoleon defeated and believed safely out of the way on Elba, the monarchs and plenipotentiaries of Russia, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, France and the minor German states were to assemble at Vienna to settle the new partition of Europe. On 2 October 1814 Jacob sent his first letter from Vienna, starting what was to be again a constant flow of letters between the two brothers. It appears that Jacob did not enjoy himself. Travel was slow and sometimes wearisome. There were some compensations: the antiquarian in him took notice of different types of houses in different regions, of the changing costume of women, the beauty of Passau’s houses, and some ‘strange old graves’. Recordings in regional dialects are thought of particular value, and variants of the same tale should not be rejected because new and unexpected details might be found in that way.