chapter  Chapter 10
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Ash Disposal versus Reuse

ByFrank R. Spellman

This chapter points out that wastewater biosolids and one of its major by-products (ash) is a waste product with some value. It takes the view that ash produced from the incineration of wastewater biosolids should be reused instead of disposed. The chapter also points out that in order for biosolids ash to be safely reused it must be processed in accordance with EPA’s 503 Rule, which ensures that various applications of biosolids present a negligible risk to human health and the environment. Rhonda Oberst and HRSD came up with another unique way in which to reuse biosolids ash; that is, converting biosolids ash into shoreline erosion devices. In the beginning, the primary factor driving this unique environmental project, cofunded by HRSD, was to find a beneficial way in which to reduce HRSD’s ash disposal costs.