chapter  Chapter 8
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Preventive Maintenance Practices: Multiple-Hearth Furnace

ByFrank R. Spellman

To say that a multiple-hearth furnace (MHF) is a piece of equipment that requires maintenance is to make a mild understatement. On the other hand, if you were to say that an MHF is major piece of equipment that requires regularly scheduled maintenance, then you would be more in line with reality. Moreover, it would be even more accurate and realistic to characterize the MHF as complicated system that requires maintenance management system that is well thought out, well managed, and well practiced. The primary objective of Maintenance Management System (MMS) is to provide managers and supervisors with the necessary tools and information to plan, direct, and control maintenance for each piece of equipment within a system. The goal of MMS is to reduce or eliminate equipment breakdowns, failures, and maintenance costs to the fullest extent possible. The maintenance requirements listed in the manufacturer’s technical manual always take precedence over any other required maintenance actions and should be followed closely.