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“Is what you’Re Doing Important?”

Practice #1: Commitment to a Clear Mission
ByBob Fisher, Bo Thomas

Extraordinary results begin with somebody’s dream. Before a true mission can exist, someone must have a dream, and the dream must be shared and embraced by the team members. We all have dreams for our families, for ourselves, and for the organizations we lead. However, what seems to separate the twelve real dream team leaders from most people is their level of aspiration, the scope of their dreams, and the tenacity with which they hold on to their dreams—they just don’t give up! The leaders of great teams seem to have the ability to create a sense of mission for the teams they lead. This leadership ability is sometimes treated as an almost mystical quality that is only available to heroes and superhumans—but that simply is not the case. While visionary thinking is the beginning of team greatness, it is not enough by itself. Leaders must have the ability to communicate the vision to others.