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“A Turtle on a Fencepost”

Practice #2: Mutual Support, Respect, and Encouragement
ByBob Fisher, Bo Thomas

In the great teams we observed, people know they can trust and rely on each other, especially when they need each other. It is not unusual for people to support each other when things are going well. Most parents don’t have any problem supporting their children when they make all “A’s” or hit a home run. It is very important to understand that supporting people does not mean that leaders never correct mistakes or do not instill discipline in their teams. In fact, the real dream team leaders we interviewed and observed did not overlook mistakes and view them as acceptable. A mistake was recognized and discussed in an appropriate manner, and what was appropriate depended upon the situation. Mistakes that resulted from not giving one’s best were dealt with differently than those that occurred in spite of a person’s best effort and good intentions.