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“Let’s Win Championships”

Practice #4: Win-Win Cooperation
ByBob Fisher, Bo Thomas

Of all the characteristics of great teams, cooperation is one of the most difficult to define. Basically, cooperation is an attitude that is exhibited through behavior that seeks the common good. Attitudes are predispositions to respond to situations with a characteristic pattern of behavior. A cooperative attitude then would suggest that a person has made up his or her mind in advance to put the needs of the team ahead of any self-interest. Differences and conflicts in teams are expected and normal. We don’t know of any team—family, work, athletic, community volunteers, church or synagogue—that never has any conflict. Critical thinking is absolutely essential for teams in the decision-making process. The education system is on target in requiring individual competence and knowledge on the part of every student, but the system has failed in helping students learn how to work together cooperatively.