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“Whose Rope are you Willing to Hook into?”

Practice #5: Individual Competency
ByBob Fisher, Bo Thomas

Leaders sometimes lament the fact that they can’t lead their teams to greatness because their team members simply lack the skill or ability. If team members lack the ability or judgment to perform at the desired level, then the leader is responsible for providing the experience and training to develop the individuals. Many leaders seem to lack the self-assurance that General Brady and Dr. Mobley’s attitudes suggest. Perhaps part of the problem arises because so many leaders become leaders because of their own extraordinary com- petence as team members—they have always been the “star.” It is also important to note that competency is not something that is developed once and for all; it must be maintained. Within business organizations, families, or athletic teams, this type of spectacular team performance is no random occurrence. It is the result of hours of practice and relentless attention to detail.