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“Respect without Fear”

Practice #7: Winning Attitude
ByBob Fisher, Bo Thomas

It is important to provide a working definition of the concept of attitude. An attitude is a predisposition to respond to situations in a certain manner. A winning attitude then means that a person is predisposed to respond to a challenge with the positive expectation that the challenge will be met. Great teams expect to win. While they are realistic enough to know that no team wins all of the time, they never enter the competition expecting to lose. And they never get accustomed to losing. They may demonstrate good sportsmanship when they lose, but they hate losing. As paradoxical as it may be, defeat does seem to play a role in achieving greatness. The determination and commitment necessary for a championship effort are born out of the ashes of defeat. The phenomenon seems to be real. When a team faces severe adversity, one of two outcomes seems to occur.