chapter  Chapter 10
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Drained behaviour of clays

ByJ.A.R. Ortigao

This chapter deals with the behaviour of clay in CID drained triaxial tests. The rate of loading in drained testing of clays is slow to ensure full pore pressure dissipation. Apparently clays are a totally different material from sands. The chapter shows that there are many similarities, and that the same critical state model can also be adopted. The behaviour of normally consolidated clays is studied through typical CID triaxial test results of the Rio de Janeiro clay. The behaviour of a NC clay specimen during isotropic consolidation in a triaxial cell is also presented. As a final step in this study of the drained behaviour of clays, the chapter compares clays and sands CID triaxial compression. In summary, despite the strong differences, it is possible to find similarities in the behaviour of clay and sands, moreover, the same theoretical framework can be used to model the behaviour of such different materials.