chapter  Chapter 4
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Stresses and elastic loading

ByJ.A.R. Ortigao

This chapter studies the effect of loading on the ground. The purpose is to present a few important solutions frequently employed in geotechnics that can easily be applied through a closed form solution or with the aid of a chart. A comprehensive treatment of this matter has been presented by H. Poulos and E. H. Davis. Other important references are M. E. Harr and J. P. Giroud. Strip loading often occurs in practice, in long retaining wall foundations, or in long shallow foundations of buildings, which apply to the soil the distributed load per unit area. A shallow foundation can be regarded as sufficiently long when the length is at least 3 times the breadth. Circular loading occurs in tank or chimney foundations having a radius and applying the unit load p to the soil. The final part of the chapter is dedicated to the introduction of the stress path graphical technique.