chapter  Chapter 7
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Social Science and Politics

ByGilmore Crosby

Robert Sears, whose agency collaborated with Lewin in Iowa, noted the following about Lewin’s passion for democracy: “The autocratic way he insisted on democracy was a little spectacular. There was nothing to criticize – but one couldn’t help noticing the fire and the emphasis (Marrow, 1969, p127).” Small wonder, given Lewin’s firsthand experience of WWI, of Nazism in Germany, and of anti-Semitism even before the rise of Hitler. Lewin was in a race against time to have advances in social science catch up with advances in technology in time to keep us from annihilating ourselves. “There is no hope for creating a better world without a deeper scientific insight into the function of leadership, of culture, and of other essentials of group life. Social life shall have to be managed much more consciously than before if man shall not destroy man (Lewin, 1943, 1999, p334).”