chapter  Chapter 5
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Planned Change

ByGilmore Crosby

I get tired of all the hype I read and hear about the pace of change. On the other hand, when Lewin’s student and my father’s mentor Ron Lippitt speaks, I listen, and he had this to say back in 1958 (the year before I was born):

“The modern world is, above everything else, a world of rapid change. This is something in which observers in every field of thought and knowledge are agreed. What does it mean? Many things of course but perhaps its primary meaning lies in its effect upon people. It means that people, too, must change, must acquire an unaccustomed facility for change, if they are to live in the modern world…It means that if we are to maintain our health and a creative relationship with the world around us, we must be actively engaged in change efforts directed toward ourselves and toward our material, social, and spiritual environments (Lippitt et al, 1958, p3).”