chapter  6
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Value creation and the market

WithStolte Gretchen M.

Engagement with the market typically happened through participation in the outdoor markets. Engaging with the art markets available in the Cairns region or exhibiting in the galleries is a process of a very specific form of value creation. The Port Douglas markets are open to everybody but competition to have a booth is intense and difficult to obtain. The market has an effect on several factors of art production: construction, price and representation. Boomerangs are a wonderfully illustrative example of how the markets affect these processes. The works they brought to the markets were the works they produced in the studio in order to complete the units put before them. In other words, the artworks the students brought to sell in the markets were not created with the markets in mind. The division between the journal and the gallery is an interpretation on domains which are created by the students and reinforced by the curriculum and the market.