chapter  5
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Watching football: Locating Jamaica within the world of football

WithWilliam Tantam

This chapter provides an overview of the players’ migration experiences and introduces the football breakfasts that Doc organized throughout the year. One of these breakfasts became a leaving party for one of the younger players who was about to migrate to the United States for seasonal work. The chapter focuses on the attachment the men felt for their English Premier League (EPL) teams and how they chose their support. It embeds the men’s lives in Black River within a wider perspective through looking at their migratory practices and consumption of the EPL. Support for the top English teams was a product of changes in the Jamaican domestic economy, including the shifting patterns of how football matches were consumed and marketed. As the EPL is followed and consumed throughout the world, it offers a particular viewpoint onto different societies. In the case of Black River, support for EPL demonstrates the enactment of class difference in leisure patterns.