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Player profile: Freddy

WithWilliam Tantam

Freddy worked in the Black River library, and although he never spoke of his job he seemed happy with his career as it offered a stable vocation while also allowing time to play football and relax. Freddy described his style as a ‘passing game’. He first played football when he was ‘about five’, in contrast to many of the others who began around the age of ten. He represented St Elizabeth parish at under-twelve level, then his school at under-fifteen and -sixteen, played Dacosta cup until eighteen and in the Major League. In order to prove the effectiveness of the passing game, Freddy invoked Barcelona and the Arsenal side of 2003–4, during which Arsenal were unbeaten. For Freddy, Lionel Messi, one of the greatest ever football players, proved how dangerous a good passer of the ball could be. For Freddy, the pass was the skill that most set him, and Messi, apart from others.