chapter  2
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Heat of the Moment: Transcultural Sensations and Urban Multiculture

WithAlex Rhys-Taylor

The point being, that an embodied understanding of the affective aspects of a particular plant’s consumption – the sensations it provokes and the meanings ascribed to them – has been an important part of a number of modernity’s most remarkable transcultural assemblages. The various botanicals, fruits, flavours and sensations that fill the everyday life of the city are rarely recognized for the crucial bit-parts that they play in the complex assemblages of the new century’s urban multicultures. Part of the unquestionable popularity of these ‘new’ flavours lies in the growing numbers of those, settling or settled, with an inherited taste for such sensations. A change to the sensations that the body surrounds itself with, a change to what is considered ‘sensible’ and ‘insensible’, is necessarily a change to the ‘sensory order’ of the culture that lives through that body. Sociologically speaking, the sacred are but one category of sensations through which group formations are incarnated.