chapter  1
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'Where Do You Come From?'

BySuki Ali

The question, and the theorisation of identity is a matter of considerable political significance, and it is only likely to be advanced when both the necessity and the 'impossibility' of identities, and the suturing of the psychic and the discursive in their constitution, are fully and unambiguously acknowledged. Racialisation is a term which reinforces the psychosocially dynamic processes of 'racial positioning', and is often used in shorthand by talking about the way in which, for example, discourses themselves are 'raced' and often how this takes the form of 'racism'. Empirical work from around the world also supports a much more positive engagement with the possibilities of mixedness as an identity. In addition to the USA and British literatures, European perspectives on multiethnic positions are different again in their developing theories on 'racial' and cultural identities. Feminists have argued that families are a key site for the reproduction of gendered, sexualised oppression.