chapter  2
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Researching the Unresearchable

BySuki Ali

Researching the ways in which children make meaning from discursive repertoires of 'race' and ethnicity presented a particularly difficult set of methodological issues. Data collection was only the start of an ongoing engagement with managing interpretation and analysis of data. At the time of the research there had been recent intakes of Eastern European refugee children, including some Roma children. Feminist concerns epistemology and ontology, and their application to research, have a long and varied history. From critiquing androcentric 'science as usual' to working within feminist postmodernist frameworks the dynamic nature of feminist writing has positioned itself as one of the most important developments in critical thinking in the last thirty years. Feminist methodological debates have centred around the 'subject of knowledge'. Feminist standpoint theory argues that the particular position one occupies gives rise to unique insights into the social world.