chapter  3
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Reading Popular Culture: Same Ideas, Different Bodies

BySuki Ali

In this chapter, the children's use of popular culture is used in order to show how the themes of the research were analysed. The author explores the relationships between popular culture, learning about racialisation and racism and how these inform the development of identifications. Children show that they often use popular culture to learn about discourses of 'race', ethnicity and gender; in particular how to 'read' bodies and style with sexuality. The most popular area for debate was the heterosexual relations between stars and their alleged sexual orientation. Heterosexuality was of major importance to the way the children chose their favourites and attacked others. Using images of 'Scary Spice' to talk about 'race' proved especially successful. Importantly, discussions showed how children gained pleasure from their objects of desire and fantasy, and offered some insight into how 'race' and ethnicity are interconnected with sexuality and status in the processes of identification.