chapter  8
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'Mixed-Race' Futures

BySuki Ali

In this chapter, the author reviews the findings from the research and show how they raise further questions for writings on ethnicity, culture and 'mixed-race' and for future work in the area. In order to investigate gendered, 'mixed-race' identities the author analyses the ways in which current academic and political terms and accounts of 'race' and racism were being understood by children. Children negotiate complexity with images and bodies in ways that circumvent the need for specialist language. An umbrella term 'mixed-race' could result in a 'tripartite system' within a black/wliite paradigm, but there are so many other variations of multiplicity that challenge these ideas in differing temporal and spatial locations. There is in the language of identification an implication that blackness is cultural and learnt, it endorses a form of cognitive ebonisation. Children's readings of popular culture provided extremely rich accounts of their daily interactions and concerns.