chapter  6
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Sensing Empathy in Cross-Racial Interactions

BySachi Sekimoto, Christopher Brown

Intersubjective encounters can produce changes in our embodied experiences where we unexpectedly feel the sensorimotor and emotional responses of empathy across, between, and through bodies in interaction. The sensory input and output along with emotions of happiness, anger, and sadness transmitted body-to-body can produce intense feelings, triggering reflections on the world we live in. The literature on empathy is quite extensive in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and philosophy. Greg spoke extensively on an array of ideas involving leadership and the culture of his organizations. Truth be told, we both shared our ideas on these topics as he was interested in my perspective. After the interview, Greg was grateful for the opportunity to talk openly about ideas that were already percolating at some subconscious level, but it was a question on diversity training programs that compelled him to talk about an experience of struggling with racism.