chapter  17
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Working on Air and on Camera

ByBarbara Alysen, Mandy Oakham, Roger Patching, Gail Sedorkin

Being comfortable in front of a microphone or camera is an obvious requirement of working in broadcast news. It's also an increasingly useful skill for all reporters, for several reasons:

Video is now used by a majority of media outlets in their web and mobile media arms, as we have just seen in Chapter 16, 'Working with Video and Audio'.

Reporters covering a particularly significant story for a masthead often find themselves appearing in other media, either to promote the story or to explain it to a wider audience.

Learning to report in broadcast style forces print reporters to learn to tell their stories in the briefest possible form, because brevity is particularly important in broadcast news. Reporters who develop their storytelling techniques in this way often find it improves their writing technique too.