chapter  1
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Why are You Studying Law?

BySimon Chesterman, Clare Rhoden

Corporate law firms are the ones that sponsor activities in many law schools and whose activities seem to dominate most courtrooms. Increasingly, many corporate law firms are aiming to provide a 'one-stop shop' for their clients, combining legal and business advice. Law firms dealing with labour laws are firms that primarily represent unions, workers or individuals. When most non-lawyers think of law, they probably think of criminal law first. Criminal law—whether the reader prosecute or defend—is often seen as the most challenging and rewarding area of law. Requiring interpersonal skills quite different from other areas of law, family law covers all aspects of marriage and the breakdown of relationships, maintenance and property settlements, and issues relating to the custody and welfare of children. Work for such an office comprises all aspects of bringing an alleged criminal to trial, from the exercise of the discretion to prosecute to plea-bargaining, from organising witnesses to attending the trial.