chapter  4
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Essential Study Skills: Reading, Notetaking, and Learning Legal Concepts

BySimon Chesterman, Clare Rhoden

This chapter describes how the students can improve they reading and notetaking skills and maximise their memory to enhance the students learning of legal theory. If the students have problems reading efficiently, or think they should read more quickly, find out if student union runs courses on speed-reading, or investigate the study skills unit at their university. As with reading, the students will find that their notetaking will be much more valuable if it has a focus. One factor about reading and notetaking that may be worrying the students is the amount of new vocabulary that they are encountering in the texts. A different approach is to collect a few new words (in a special notebook or at the bottom of the students page) and then have half an hour looking them up when they don’t feel motivated enough to do anything more taxing.