chapter  2
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Creating Stories for the Full Range of Media Forms

ByMatthew Ricketson, Caroline Graham

The piece artfully knits together rich, evocative writing with beautiful multimedia design. ‘Snow fall’ won a number of awards, lauded as ‘a spectacular real-isation of the potential of digital-age storytelling’. Techniques like parallax scrolling can co-ordinate audio and video elements with a reader’s progress through the narrative—so when a reader reaches a description of Miley Cyrus’s latest antics, for example, a video of the stunt might launch and play. Writers may work with photographers, videographers, designers, coders and animators to realise the multimedia potential of their stories, but this process benefits from planning and thinking about the possibilities of digital media and how to apply them to specific stories. Prominence pays heed to the public’s fascination with the rich and powerful, and the notorious. The urgency of printing news as soon as it comes to hand applies only partly to features. Conflict, antagonism and tension are the stuff of human drama, and human drama is the stuff of news.