chapter  4
What Do We Eat?
ByDonna Gabaccia
Pages 6

The same year, three transplanted easterners with suspiciously Italian-sounding names-Paul Sorrentino, Rob Geresi, and Vince Vrana-opened their own New York Bagel Shop and Delicatessen in Oklahoma. Bagels packaged by Lender’s had been available for years in local frozen food compartments, as were advertisements offering recipes for “pizzles,” made of frozen bagels topped with canned tomato sauce. As businessmen looking for a market niche, Sorrentino, Geresi, and Vrana wagered that the most knowledgeable and sophisticated of Oklahoman consumers would enjoy freshly baked “New York-style” bagels, which were chewier than their frozen counterparts. Like many retailers in the South and West, however, their New York Bagel Shop and Delicatessen offered bagels with sandwich fillings-everything from cream cheese to “California-style” avocado and sprouts.2