chapter  16
14 Pages

Simulating Variable System Structures for Engineering Emergence

WithUmut Durak, Thorsten Pawletta, Tuncer Ören

The chapter presents an overview to technical systems with self-x characteristics that shows emergent behavior based on the Organic Computing approach that has been developed during a German Research Foundation (DFG) founded a priority program between 2005 and 2011. Observer/controller is being taken as reference architecture for understanding emergence in technical systems. Engineering emergence requires a control with changing the structure of the systems of interest. Simulation is now not only a tool for designing such systems but also becoming a part of them in order to supply data about dynamic system behavior. Thence, the call for approaches to simulate variable system structures is bolder than ever. Engineering emergent systems further requires such approaches to be available and seamlessly integrated with simulation tools for technical systems, such as MATLAB/Simulink.