chapter  18
32 Pages

Monterey Phoenix—Behavior Modeling Approach for the Early Verification and Validation of System of Systems Emergent Behaviors

WithKristin Giammarco, Mikhail Auguston

This chapter teaches how to detect, classify, predict, and control emergent behaviors in System of Systems (SoS) aided by modeling and simulation (M&S) with Monterey Phoenix (MP), a behavior modeling approach and tool for system, software, and process architecture. In each of three examples from different domains, these activities are illustrated as a well-partitioned but collaborative effort between humans and automated tools that produces useful insight into the emergent behaviors of a system of interest. The sections that follow make the case for a key realization from this research, which is in order to improve the state of the art in detection, classification, prediction, and control of emergent behaviors during the early stages of design, we must adhere consistently to certain old and new heuristics.