chapter  7
24 Pages

System of Systems Process Model

WithGary O. Langford

For lifecycle work on systems of systems, use of the traditional systems engineering process models seriously underestimates the adequacy and sequencing for proper inputs of artifacts from constituent systems. The result is a broad mix of unpredicted and undesirable simple, weak, strong, and spooky emergents. While the current use of process models ignores the requirement for emergent properties from interplay of conjoined yet opposed factors from the domains that constituent systems and system of systems artifacts, the situation of uncontrolled emergents is aggravated by the lack of proper sequencing of domain traits and attributes. This research fills the gap between misuses of systems engineering process models and metamodel-based systems of systems structuring of artifacts to meliorate traditional systems engineering process models so they can be used validly. Emergents can then be predicted, managed, and properly dealt with using standard systems engineering methods when a formal metamodel of system of systems activities and its artifacts are incorporated into standard systems engineering process models.