chapter  6
23 Pages

Restorative justice

WithJoseph Zornado, Jill Harrison, Daniel Weisman

In Chapter 6 we introduce restorative justice and conflict management techniques and argue for an alternative philosophy and corrective practices that guarantee a more humane approach to criminal justice. Data demonstrate that our criminal justice system is race-based, specifically against Latino/Hispanics, Blacks and African Americans. The restorative justice practices detailed in this chapter offer a philosophical approach forward: rather than punishment for criminal violation, restorative justice recognizes crime as an act against people and relationships that must be repaired and restored as a way to make right the harm done to the victim, to the offender, and to the community. The chapter concludes with conflict resolution techniques as part of the restorative justice philosophy, and provides students with an opportunity to engage in empathy, cultural cognition, and critical thinking skills with an applied exercise.